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Learning & OD Consultant (PHL)

  • PHL NCR Taguig City Alliance Global Tower
  • HRS > Talent Mgmt
  • Full time
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  • JR107206



Main Purpose of the Job

  • The Learning & Organizational Development Consultant is responsible for working collaboratively with the Senior Talent Management Manager designing, developing, delivering all learning programs, assessing, and evaluating various employee and leadership learning and organizational development interventions. Creates and implements associate development programs that support the organization’s succession planning objectives and foster a highly effective management and leadership structure. This position will also partner with HR Business Partners & LOB Leaders to provide learning & development consulting and project coordination services to operational/functional areas to address critical business issues/changes and/or assigned interventions and projects. 

Primary Duties

Major Responsibility:      Annual Training Calendar Creation and Implementation 

Supporting Actions:      

  • Based on the Annual Training Needs Analysis, create an annual training calendar from New Associate Onboarding to Executive Development Program
  • Identifies the facilitators who are equipped to facilitate classroom trainings and other OD initiatives;
  • Assists the Sr. Talent Management Manager in ensuring that the trainers adhere to the training schedules;
  • Publishes the approved training calendar to the whole site and ensures that training programs are properly marketed;
  • Conducts a quarterly trainers meeting on the implementation of the remaining classes, and makes recommendations to the manager if changes are necessary.

End Results:   at least 90% of the identified classes and initiatives on the annual learning calendar are implemented on time

Major Responsibility:      Leadership and Management Development Program Management

Supporting Actions:      

  • Design and develop  a leadership development program
  • Act as a program lead for  assigned Leadership Development Program  and other Global Leadership Development Courses
  • Ensures that logistical requirements for the classroom trainings are coordinated at least 2 weeks prior to start of class;
  • Facilitate team & leadership development training that is experientially based for people managers across the site
  • Collaborates with other Leadership Facilitators and Business Leaders to create the optimal learning environment for each delivery;
  • Coordinates with the identified training vendors on the implementation of the agreed  training plan, and evaluation of  results
  • Implements a variety of delivery mechanisms including traditional instructor-led, co-facilitation, and virtual classes, based on the approved design.
  • Assist with program planning and provide guidance for delivery tasks including participant registration, roster maintenance, pre-work check, classroom and material set-up;
  • Accomplishes and sends a Daily Training Report to the immediate managers of the participants, HRBPs and Talent Management Team;
  • Acts as a coach to the participants and immediate managers on the application of learning, and act as a mentor to associate professionals and professionals on training delivery and evaluation
  • Leads the evaluation of all learning programs from Level 1- Level 3 (Competency/behavior changes and Manager NPS) three months after each training class; Publishes a report showing impact of the training initiatives (Associate devt and Leadership programs) and makes recommendations that will continuously support competency improvement.
  • Monitors financial spendings for program/s being led to be within the allocated budget

End Results:                    Deliver impactful leadership development programs and training, at least 90% Manager NPS; 100% documentation of impact of training and recommendations; Program expenses are within the allocated budget.

Major Responsibility:      Training Needs Analyses and Organizational Diagnosis

Supporting Actions:      

  • Assists in the conduct of organizational diagnosis that will serve as the basis of OD interventions and training requirements (e.g. using data from Performance Management System, validation interviews with functional HRBPs and leaders, engagement surveys or FGD results);
  • Performs a competency-gap analysis to all levels in the organization, as directed by the Sr. Talent Management Manager;
  • Assesses learning options;
  • Reports training needs and recommends training plans;
  • Assists in the formulation and implementation of OD interventions.

End Results:                    Proposal for Sitewide Annual Learning Calendar are signed off on or before March 31 of each year; Learning recommendations for team based interventions are approved by requesting Manager within 2 weeks from request date;

Major Responsibility:      Learning Module Design and Development

Supporting Actions:      

  • Based on the Training Needs Analysis results, design an end to end competency based training programs for an assigned Associate Development /Leadership Development need, that can be measured up to Level 3;
  • Using the adult learning principles, create or revise materials to make it relevant to current needs;
  • Identify and partner with subject matter experts and content owners (Global and Local SMEs) on the development of identified learning program;
  • Identify the most appropriate way to deliver the training program.
  • Develop, conduct and analyze program evaluations to determine if program objectives have been met and how the skills and knowledge obtained are being applied.
  • Conduct Pilot Classes of developed modules and transitions that implementation of the training programs to Training Delivery team.
  • Write a facilitator guide for each program designed and certify training delivery associates to facilitate newly designed programs
  • Develop train-the-trainer tools and modules for all developed learning programs.

End Results:                    100% of designed and developed modules follows a blended learning approach with up to Level 3 evaluation baked into the program

Major Responsibility:      OD Projects and Initiatives Implementation Lead

Supporting Actions:      

  • Upon completion of Organizational Diagnosis, prepares a project plan and identify project team to work identified initiatives (e.g. Competency Mapping, Change Management Workshop, etc)
  • Provides updates to all stakeholders on project milestones, challenges and action plans to ensure attainment of project goals with agreed timeline and budget
  • Ensures resource availability and allocation
  • Monitors overall progress and use of resources, initiating corrective action where necessary
  • Measures project performance using appropriate systems, tools and techniques
  • Reports and escalate to management as needed
  • Conducts a project evaluation review to assess how well the project was managed
  • Prepares any follow-on action recommendations
  • Creates and maintains comprehensive project documentation

End Results:                    100% of OD initiatives/projects are planned, implemented and evaluated; Projects and initiatives meet agreed goals, timelines and budget

Basic Qualifications

  • Specialist in technical or business skills.  Individuals with a customer focus have developed the acumen to cultivate and develop lasting customer relations. Four year college degree (or additional relevant experience in a related field).  Minimum 10 years functional experience including a minimum of 8 years role specific experience.  Ability to make significant contribution to processes and systems.
  • Experience working training/L&D environment as a leadership skills trainer for at least 5 years (from emerging leaders to executive development programs)

Technical Competencies:

  • Proficient in MS Office Applications, Adobe Photoshop, LMS, e-Learning Creator and Publisher
  • Intermediate Knowledge and Application on
    • Leading Management Development Program
    • Project Management
    • Change Management
    • Career Counseling
  • Expertise in
    • Adult Learning Principles, Instructional Systems Design
    • Training Needs Analysis Model
    • Design and Development of Training Programs and Modules
    • Training Delivery of Leadership Skills, Values-based programs, competency based trainings
    • Training Evaluation Methods
    • Organizational Diagnosis and Interventions
    • Process Documentation

Job Requirements

Requires Four year college degree (or additional relevant experience in a related field).  Minimum 10 years functional experience including a minimum of 8 years role specific experience. 

Experience working training/L&D environment as a leadership skills trainer for at least 8 years (from emerging leaders to executive development programs)

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